Bikes For Burgers


Melbourne favourite, Mr Burger, has announced the launch of their oBike clean up scheme as part of the lead up to Earth Day. In exchange for returning errant oBikes from the Yarra River, Mr Burger will be giving out stacks of free burgers.

Daragh Kan, founder of Mr Burger said “Melbourne is such a beautiful city that’s constantly offering residents and visitors fun and healthy things to do, like bike sharing. But that doesn’t mean people who use our waterways shouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves because an oBike has been dumped there”

Anyone who returns an oBike from the Yarra to a Mr Burger store will receive a voucher for 10 free Mr Burgers. “Luckily all oBikes have GPS tracking, so we’re able to track which ones have been sitting in the Yarra. We’re also talking with Parks Victoria and Vic Roads, and we’re hoping to expand the program to clean up our trees and light poles.”

To up the ante, the person who returns the most bikes will be rewarded with free burgers for a year.

“We think this is a great activity to not only clean up all of these oBikes in the Yarra, but also get together with friends and family and have a bit of friendly competition.”

All Melbourne Mr Burger stores will be accepting oBikes between Monday April 16th and Earth Day on Sunday April 22nd.

Mr Burger reminds everyone taking part in retrieving the submerged oBikes to wear a life jacket and exercise caution in the process.